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Gudi Exports Uses Wrike
to Scale Operations & Improve Customer Service,
Reducing Order Processing Time by 60%

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If it's not in Wrike, it doesn't exist.

Mandeep Wasu, CEO

  • Improved project visibility and coordination

  • Streamlined communication and collaboration

  • Enhanced workflow efficiency

  • Performance tracking and reporting

Gudi Exports, a company managing complex pipelines and requests from multiple buyers, faced challenges due to a growing workforce and increasing expectations. They needed a work management solution to streamline and accelerate their operations. To address this, CEO Mandeep Wasu decided to adopt a more agile approach to business and implemented Task Management Collaborative Platform in 2013 with Asana. After using Asana for a decade, Gudi Exports started using Wrike, a data driven task management collaborative software to manage day to day operations better.

By implementing Wrike, Gudi Exports simplified workflow processes, improved efficiency, and provided clarity in decision-making. The intuitive user interface and adaptable tools of Wrike allowed the team to prioritize important work and accomplish more with the same resources. They were able to bring on more projects and orders without increasing their workforce.

Wrike also enabled cross-functional collaboration and visibility by pooling requests, project progress, and goals into a single platform. This eliminated silos and allowed different teams within the organization to see what others were working on, fostering collaboration and engagement.

Timeline management became more effective with Wrike as project managers planned and collaborated directly on the platform. The Timeline feature helped in managing dependencies and monitoring project health, ensuring consistency and transparency across cross-functional projects. Team members were notified when they could start their work, and the dependency view helped identify blockers and prioritize tasks.

Account managers use the Timeline to carefully manage dependencies and monitor project health. "That was really key for us. We wanted to have consistency in terms of how we were all looking at the project plan and how we were all thinking about it," says Vikas Bahuguna, Planner, Gudi Exports. "The dependency and timeline view is the most important one for us, and we use it for most cross-functional projects," says Vikas.

As team members complete items, Wrike notifies the next team member that they can start work. "The dependency view is extremely important for us to launch our project, so we know which item has become a blocker, which items must happen before another one, and for the task owner to understand how important their task is...," says Komal, Senior Merchandiser, Gudi Exports.

Overall, Wrike provided Gudi Exports with a simple, clean, and efficient system that improved workflow prioritization, cross-functional collaboration, and timeline management. With Wrike's transformative features and automation capabilities, Gudi Exports established a single collaborative platform for all teams, enabling essential project visibility and ensuring timely execution of orders.

“Wrike provided a system for us that was simple, clean, and easy for everybody to use – which made our work much more efficient.”

Manuela, Director, Gudi Exports


The implementation of Wrike resulted in improved efficiency, increased productivity, and better management reporting on productivity levels for Gudi Exports. The company was able to handle more projects with the same resources and maintain a good work-life balance for its employees.

“Having that visibility within Wrike of the entire pipeline in one place with real-time data that’s consistently there is one of the biggest benefits and something we’ve never had before.”

Arif Ahmad, Planner, Gudi Export

In summary, Wrike proved to be a valuable work management solution for Gudi Exports, providing the necessary tools and systems to simplify and accelerate their complex work processes.

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